Arvid & Tyler are Just Getting Started

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Without any preparation, Tyler and Arvid dive right into getting started. 

They talk about the Calm MBA, becoming internet friends, how to tackle an educational project, what steps need to be taken to make it happen, and then share their decision-making process right on the show.

Want to take a peek at how "somewhat established" professionals tackle their work? Tune in —and while you're at it, help us find a name for the show.

00:00:00 Introducing ourselves and the podcast.
00:03:47 What is a Calm MBA?
00:08:20 Building virtual relationships
00:12:31 Housekeeping for beginners
00:17:44 Getting it launched
00:22:47 The importance of recording in the moment for builders-in-public
00:25:50 Scope, Audience, and Format
00:30:58 SaaS or Software?
00:40:09 Do we want a community around the Calm MBA?
00:44:59 What kind of community?
00:50:35 Actionable items for next week

Creators and Guests

Arvid Kahl
Arvid Kahl
Calmly building in public. Helping founders and creators to find their own way.I write, podcast, and make videos at kind.
Tyler Tringas
Tyler Tringas
Investing in and supporting calm companies at Bringing them together at
Arvid & Tyler are Just Getting Started
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